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You need to take the assistance of a few tools like WazzapMigrator to do it. Here’s a stepwise solution to do WhatsApp Windows phone to Android transfer by moving the backup across different platforms. As of now, there is no native solution to do WhatsApp Windows phone to Android transfer. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that we can’t transfer WhatsApp from Windows Phone to Android. We can still do the same by using some third-party tools and tricks. Restore backup files to a phone, including iTunes and MobileTrans backup.

Unlike WhatsApp native feature, this will create a backup without any encryption. Therefore, you can easily transfer WhatsApp from Windows phone to Android this way. Just install the App Data Manage tool and go to its “Apps” section, to start with. Once the Interop Tools app is installed, launch it, grant it the needed permissions, and go to its Interop Unlock settings. Unlike Android to Android transfer, it is comparatively tougher to transfer WhatsApp history from Windows phone to Android.

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When it restarts, you’ll be able to launch Metro apps from the built-in Administrator account. Learn how to collaborate with Office I Have installed Interop Tools, from the store, on my Lumia I did this a couple of days ago. When prompted by the app, after opening it, I chose to use experimental s. I then went to the registry browser, and found my way to FMRadio. I then proceeded to edit the value, changing it from 1 to 0 – I read online that this will enable the radio – I then pressed on the tick. Now, unlock your new Android phone and if you are already using WhatsApp on it, then just uninstall it. Go to the Play Store and download the WazzapMigrator app on your Android phone for free.

Armed with App Data Manage Tool the process of finding the app data becomes a quite easy. Now regarding the modification, it’s up to you and what you want to achieve out of it.

Of course don’t go deleting stuff there that you’re not sure of as you risk breaking your apps. The app I’m talking about is the appropriately titled App Data Manage Tool by Mahdi Ghiasi (@MahdiGhiasi) which I’ve written about here. The app’s main use is to make backups of your apps’ data so that you can restore it at a later point such as after a factory reset. MenuActivate Full Filesystem AccessIf you connect your phone to your PC you’ll now be able to view to the entire OS filesystem and not just the Public folder that you typically see. You won’t however be able to modify some parts of the filesystem.

  • It is also recommended to enable "High quality YV12 to RGB conversion".
  • Downside of this method is that doing this conversion increases CPU usage.
  • Forcing ffdshow to output in the RGB32 colorspace can help prevent luminance level issues.

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I was fortunate enough to find the coins listed there so I just boosted myself with a paltry coins and copied the file back. Went back to the phone, fired the app and rescued myself. I should mention this is basically what stirred this whole venture. So I went looking around and found the app’s settings stored in one very obviously named file. I copied the file to my computer, opened it with a text editor and started looking around.

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Transfer WhatsApp from phone to phone, backup WhatsApp and more social apps to computer and restore. Your registry information will be saved in a .reg file having the name you specified. You are now safe to manipulate your registry database programmatically.

Also, download the WhatsApp backup on your Android that you earlier shared from the Windows Phone via email or OneDrive. Now, you need to create a WhatsApp backup on your Windows phone using App Data Manage Tool .