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No, Tyler has not directed third parties to contact our clients; nor have we provided names or contact information about our client base. Our investigation continues to confirm that the impact of this incident was directed at our internal corporate network and phone system. Tyler is regularly communicating with its clients and updating this page with information as it is available to share. It’s a good practice to educate yourself generally on security practices.

Simply provide the date of the email, the name and email address the email came from, the email subject line, and a general description of the content of the email. After notifying clients of suspicious logins at two Tyler client sites early Saturday morning, September 26, we opened channels for clients to advise of suspicious logins on their networks.

That said, any third-party discussion of the details of our incident would be speculation. If you would like to report a suspicious email that you believe originated from a Tyler team member, you can email Please do not forward the suspicious email itself, unless otherwise advised by Tyler.

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We have never had a report that a bad actor has used our Socrata platform to display incorrect or misleading election results, polling locations, campaign finance information, or other civic data. We have disconnected points of access between Tyler’s internal systems and our client systems to further protect our clients.

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We sympathize with that interest; however, we are guided by standard incident response protocols and are committed to addressing this incident in a secure and responsible way. That includes sharing information when it is validated and safe to do.

Of the limited number of reports received, we have no evidence of malicious activity on client systems to date. Each of the two reporting clients that prompted Windows Movie Maker download pc our notification has since cleared the reported activity. Please see this page for “Steps Our Clients Should Take” if you have specific concerns. Tyler’s Socrata product is a SaaS data platform that is hosted offsite on AWS , not on Tyler’s internal network that was impacted.